How to Avoid Hasty Generalization in Writing?

Hasty Generalization in Writing
September 22, 2022
Author : Kristy

When someone extrapolates an experience from examples rather than proof, they are assembling a rash generalization. It is also known as overextension or hasty induction, where hasty generalization is a mode of irrational jumping to a conclusion. Anyone can do it, and it's primarily simple if you're not well-informed, but it may be dangerous and deceptive.

Hasty Generalization

What is Hasty Generalization?

One type of logical error in a hasty generalization essay is where the conclusion is reached without being logically supported by adequate or objective data. An informal fallacy is made hastily. When you extrapolate from a single event or a tiny sample size, you are essentially asserting that the limitations of that experience apply to all situations.

When people draw conclusions based on inadequate sample sizes, one of the leading causes of flawed generalizations is that they go from the specific to the general, extrapolating their findings from the tiny sample size to a much larger population.

Example of Hasty Generalization Essay

Here are some instances of premature generalisation:

  • My father and brothers never pitched in to assist around the house when I was a kid. In the house, all males are useless.
  • My child’s classmates in prekindergarten mocked him. Bullies terrorize every child in schools.
  • Dozens of low-income families come to my father for financial help. All persons in poverty rely on others for their daily sustenance. 
  • I ate in five restaurants in Thailand and did not like the venture. There are no suitable eateries in Thailand.

Examine the examples from above. The person who commented on the first sentence had a father and brothers who didn't help around the house. She then concluded that no man knows how to help around the house based on a very tiny sample of simply the guys in her household.

According to the second sentence's use of the plural form "classmates," the speaker's child experienced bullying from many other children in pre-kindergarten. The sample size could therefore consist of two or more students. To say that all kids are frightening bullies would still be based on a very tiny sample size. (In fact, by saying that, she throws her child into the mix!)

We don't know how many low-income households asked the speaker's father for financial assistance. Even if "dozens of" indicates a lot of them, it would be a stretch to say that every low-income family is perpetually reliant on others.

To state that all the restaurants in Thailand are bad just because you've been to five of them is not accurate in the fourth phrase.

Anecdotal Evidence

People frequently base their decisions on past experiences. However, citing anecdotes as proof might result in hasty generalizations because a person's situation does not always indicate or define a larger reality.

Social Media

Social media can give the impression that everyone is enjoying a great, exciting life where they are constantly happy and fulfilled if taken at face value. Since most individuals design their social media, it is far removed from reality's nuances and ups and downs, which might make you feel horrible about yourself.

Small Sample Size

You've seen similar claims in advertisements and product packaging, but they represent a hasty generalization without mentioning the sample size or the criteria used to choose the participants.

Weight Loss Ads

I did it, and you can too! Weight loss advertisements invented the ploy. In addition to being a great illustration of ethos, weight loss advertisements are effective because they show a satisfied customer who is healthy and happy.

Problem Encountered with Hasty Generalization Essays

Because they are frequently used, hasty generalizations may not always be obvious. However, it is not only incorrect but possibly harmful to build a conclusion about something on a small body of information.

Making incorrect generalizations has ethical repercussions since it might result in erroneous information and the development of stereotypes. Then, those who accept the generalization could develop a prejudice against the target of the dubious claim.

How to Identify Hasty Generalization?

You need to develop your critical thinking abilities to recognize a hasty generalization:

Step 1: Take a step back and consider who is expressing the opinion first. Is that person typically particularly subjectivist or objective? This will provide you with crucial information on the veracity of their claim.

Step 2: Next, investigate the sample size used to conclude. They were likely to have extrapolated insufficient data if the sample size was small. Continue to the following step if the sample size appears to be appropriate.

Step 3: Check the source or supporting documentation, if necessary. Find evidence to support and refute the assertion being made if it comes from a source that may be biased. You can establish a more logical middle ground with the help of this new evidence.

How to Avoid Hasty Generalization?

There are two ways by which one can avoid hasty generalizations in their writing. They are:

Cite concrete examples only; do not generalise your findings to a bigger population.

If you know a limited sample, only discuss the particular situations. Never extrapolate the results to a broader population.

For instance, you cannot claim that "80% of all home-schooling moms work with a tight schedule" if you surveyed 30 mothers and discovered that 24 adhere to a regular timetable.

Instead, you may say, "Of the 30 moms questioned in [indicate your location], we found that 80% of them prefer to work with a consistent schedule."

Consider a situation where you discover a youngster who has experienced a negative reaction to a spider bite but is aware that other kids have not suffered the same effects. Be careful not to generalize; instead, state something like, "Although most children do not have any negative effects from this type of spider bite, one child did."

Ensure you have done proper research to back up your assertion

This can be challenging since you must confirm that the study you're citing correctly interpreted the data.

Check the sample size and consider how the researchers conceptualized sampling while examining the study methods in this case.

Also, consider the type of evidence you are examining. Take individual cases you come upon with a grain of salt because anecdotal information can be false.

Hasty generalization essay

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