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How To Write A Precis: Explained With An Example

How to Write a Precis Explained with an Example
December 28, 2022
Author : Kristy

Writing a precis is a lot like writing a brief. Both require you to be clear and concise, so here's a step-by-step guide that shows how to write a precis and explains the changes required when it's time to expand on your brief.

A precis is a short version of the main text, consisting of a summary and some key points. It can help you get to the point of your writing in just one or two paragraphs. If you're writing an article or blog post, it's common for you to include a shortened precis at the start so that readers know exactly what your topic is about before they dive into what you are saying.

It also helps make sure that readers remember what you wrote since this kind of excerpt is never read from beginning to end, instead, it will be skipped over several times when skimming your work. The good news is that there are several different ways to write a precis, which our academic experts have explained in this blog.

applications of precis

Different Situations Where One Uses a Precis

  • To describe a succinct and organized description of the key points of a paper. The term precis is derived from the Latin word meaning "to cut."
  • In academic writing and business writing, it can be used to describe the organization of a paper, or it can be used to identify what information should be included in a paper.
  • When writing an email message or an advertisement for something, then precis can help people quickly understand what the message is about so they can decide whether they want to read on.
  • Used to help track down what pharmaceuticals need to be taken on a certain day. It can also be used in the field of nursing, where it helps nurses track the medications that need to be administered to patients each day.
  • In the fields of medicine and biology, as well as other clinical disciplines. It can be used to describe the relationship between a disease and its symptoms or to describe the pathophysiology of a disease.
  • Helps track students' progress through school. This information allows educators to make sure that students are getting the right materials at the right time, and that they aren't missing out on any important material because they haven't taken it yet.

Can You Describe Some Good Examples of Precis?

In the introduction to his book, The Art of Explanation, George Lakoff describes how he and his colleagues at the University of California used an approach to political analysis called "precis" to give their students a framework for understanding the contours of social reality.

The precis approach presents an issue as if it were a person, then explores its most important features in terms of personality traits and relationships.

For example, consider the following text: "The Republican Party is a party that has been able to hold together despite being divided on major long-term issues." This sentence suggests that there are two major issues that have divided Republicans over many years: abortion and taxes. However, we can see from this sentence that abortion (the first topic) is actually quite different from taxes (the second topic). Abortion involves matters of life and death, taxes involve economic planning and growth.

Thus, we can see that when you look at each issue separately, they appear very different. We can also see that they are not really so different after all, they are more like siblings than like parents or children. The precis approach allows us to see these connections by asking questions like Who does what?

What Are Some Important Elements of a Precis?


The main goal of writing a precis is to convey the main ideas of your essay in a concise way. Therefore, you should write your precis in such a way that it conveys all the important information about your discussion without deviating too much from your original text


A precis should be coherent because it gives students a better understanding of what they have read so far, which helps them grasp their material better. It also helps them understand how you will develop their understanding further into the essay body.


Objectivity means that you must write in such a way that readers can understand what you are trying to convey and why this topic is valuable for them or for society at large. For someone who does not know much about the topic being discussed, they need to understand it clearly before moving on with their lives after reading one article on it.

prcis example

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