What is Business Process Reengineering Improvement?

what is business process reengineering improvement
October 06, 2022
Author : Vishal

Have you ever seen various organisational processes and operations failing due to obsolete conditions? Every organization to improve its productivity and growth in the market requires the continuous improvement of these processes. Business process reengineering refers to redesigning any process within an organization to enhance its life cycle and quality standards. The process can be improved by adopting a new value system in the business organization that is focused on customer needs.

Business process reengineering includes redesigning the functions with the help of various cross-functional teams. Business process reengineering brings a dramatic change in the organization. Business process reengineering enhances the competitive edge of the organization in various markets. Generally, the organization requires business process reengineering to easily achieve its short-term and long-term goals. Better customer satisfaction increased revenue, and a larger market share are all primary goals of an organisation that can be achieved through optimal business process reengineering.

What is Business Process Reengineering Improvement

How Can Business Process Reengineering Be Defined?

Business process reengineering is useful in restructuring business processes to achieve drastic changes in quality, output, service, cost, and speed. Business process engineering not only focuses on increasing customer satisfaction and helps the organisation save money. The redundancies in the processes could be easily removed by using the various techniques of process reengineering in business. 

What is the Difference Between Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Business Process Improvement (BPI)?

There is a misconception that business process reengineering and business process improvement are similar concepts. But on the other hand, these are different concepts. These two parameters are two different things just because of the modification of the two rules. Business process improvement mainly focuses on improving the existing business process, but business process reengineering principles provide a broader picture.

Business process improvement identifies the redundancies in the existing processes and recommends the specific changes that are required. The BPI changes nothing in the process framework. The business process reengineering technique uses a different approach to doing the process. A high-level management perspective is used in general. "Business process improvement" means the upgrading of an existing process. Business process reengineering refers to rethinking the whole process uniquely. 

When is Business Process Reengineering Required?

Even after the five-month launch, every start can require business process reengineering. In these cases, implementing business process reengineering is not so costly. When unexpected market shifts and competition occur, business process engineering is critical. Sometimes business process reengineering is required to keep the processes aligned with the organizational goals. Process reengineering is required in business to modify the different processes from time to time according to the various changes. Business process reengineering also affects the employees' productivity.

Business process reengineering principles use logic-based tools to improve a particular process. In the world, there are various companies like Ford Motors, GTE, and Apple that require business process reengineering to shuffle their various operations. These companies make business processes by reengineering their habit. The change in the older investment habits and other major decisions increases the need for business process reengineering.

What is the Process of Working for the Business Process Reengineering?

To implement process reengineering in an organization, the managers have been motivated to take some essential steps:

  • Refocusing on the company values and customer needs are required.
  • The core process of redesigning should be initiated.
  • Infuse the latest technologies into the business to enable improvements.
  • Reorganization of the business into some cross-functional teams by transferring the end-to-end responsibilities.
  • Rethinking the basic organizational and human issues.
  • Improvement of the various business processes across the organization.

What are the Business Process Reengineering Principles?

There are various business process reengineering principles that an organization must adhere to for effective implementation. Some of the basic principles are as follows:

  • The process should need to be designed in such a way that it provides better results, and the managers should be process oriented. For example, the supply chain processes should be restructured in such a way that they can provide improvement in the production functions and results.
  • Effective and efficient people should be involved in business process reengineering to get better outputs. The people working towards business process reengineering should have a feeling of self-service.
  • The data collection and the processing unit activities should be merged. For example, an individual collecting the data should also be responsible for its handling. This kind of effort reduces the chances of errors because there is less external contact.
  • The interconnected departments should have a shared database. The managers should use information technology software to share the data with the various interconnected departments. The system's centralised database will help achieve the required economies of scale. The managers would be able to provide flexible and quick responses to the customers.
  • All the similar processes should be bridged together. All similar processes should be linked using a shared database and a common network. This will eliminate the duplicity of the activities in the processes and reduce the cost burden.
  • A decision-making technology should also be incorporated to reduce costs and controls in the process and a proper accountability mechanism. The authorities should be properly delegated to the individuals working on the different processes.
  • The data must be collected from the original points. This will help in reducing the chances of invalid data entries. Further, the re-entry of the data into the system could also be avoided. Information from the various data sources should be captured only once.

After analyzing all the above concepts, it has been concluded that Business Process Reengineering includes all the activities that can make an existing process more effective and productive. Business process reengineering delivers total customer satisfaction, cost, and competitive advantage. This all helps an organization sustain itself in the long run.

Business Process Reengineering Improvement

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